"Electrons" - Assef Al-Jundi


Atoms within your body
What seems solid--
knees, nose, hair--
moves swiftly. Particles
orbit each other. Dart like meteors
through vast spaces.

Air about you
made of same.
You take from it
and you give.
Drawing in atoms and molecules
to form
your ever changing image.

Your lips move.
Your tongue speaks your name.
You take it on faith your words will make sense.
Meaning flows out effortlessly.

skip like rocks on water
between your solid body
and your electromagnetic thoughts.
You look through a window.
Listen to voices from within and without.

Dazzled by what you perceive,
you wonder about causes and effects.

When a wave of love takes you by surprise,
your eyes well up with tears.

Assef Al-Jundi
From "The Space Between our Footsteps; Poems and Paintings from the Middle East."


Podcast #81 - Someone To Talk To

Communication is nourishment. We have to choose what kind of food we nourish our relationships with. The reading is from Thich Nhat Hanh, "The Art of Communicating."

This is a challenging twisting sequence, and its helpful if you have a yoga belt to work with (though you can certainly improvise without!)

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PODCAST #80 - What is Freedom?

This class was recorded at Ananda Ashram in Monroe NY. Ananda is the spiritual home of Sharon Gannon and David Life's teacher, Shri Brahmananda Saraswati -- to visit Ananda is to feel the heart of the Jivamukti lineage.  The class is part workshop, part open class with a mix of some anatomy, some yoga asana, and some thoughts on freedom movements. In these times, its important to know the history of liberation movements and to allow those stories to inspire our hearts and inspire action.

I donated my pay from the retreat to Southern Poverty Law Center, to support their work defending constitutional rights for all. Any donations that come to the podcast through the end of the year will also go to support SPLC, or make a donation directly.


Podcast #77 - Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama


Seek refuge in the present moment -- cover your own feet with shoes rather than trying to protect yourself from the world -- Music by Max ZT, houseofwaters.com




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