Playlist - Sexy Beats

Sheesh. Everyone from Sydney to New York City has been asking me for this awesome yoga soundtrack. Here ’tis. Enjoy!

1.Faded Rainbow Delta (Richard Brain Remix) – Jenny Wilson
2. You’ve Got Maelstrom – Blockhead
3. Arabian Nights – Alpha Channel
4. Dabuwe – Jneiro Jarel
5. Cracks [Flux Pavillion Remix feat. Jenny Wilson] – Freestylers
6. Make Love – Daft Punk
7. Reckoner [Johnny Miller Remix] – Radiohead
(happy hunting….this remix is impossible to find, and is not the remix on the widget player….sorry!)
8. Teardrop [Mad Professor Mazaruni Remix] – Massive Attack
9. Armagideon Time – Willie Williams
10. Mind Eye – Nightmares on Wax
11. White Tara: Om Tare Tutare – Deva Premal