On My Way to the Keystone XL Protest

My very first post of the new website…..

I’ve made an important decision to head down to Washington DC today to protest the building of the “Keystone XL” Pipeline.  It will be my first act of civil disobedience. I may get arrested. I’m excited and nervous.

I’m going for the millions of animals, fish, and birds that have been displaced and killed by the Canadian Tar Sands project.
I’m going for the millions of animals, fish, and birds that have and will go extinct because of our reliance and use of burnable fuels. I’m going for the thousands of indigenous people that have been displaced in Canada from their native lands.
I’m going for the thousands of Americans who’s homes, lands, and health will be affected by the pipeline.

The semi-good news is that the permit is on Obama’s desk….all he has to do is approve or deny it…. no congress intervention or hostage taking!!

Some people have been asking me what they can do to help……


1. LEARN what the Tar Sands and the Keystone XL pipeline and the implications to millions of acres of wilderness, and millions of animals. Here are a couple of youtube videos to get you started…..


2. SIGN this petition

3. CALL the whitehouse
it only takes three minutes, and a VERY nice volunteer notes your comments for the president…… so easy.


okay, actually there’s a fourth……

4. SPREAD the word! talk to people, pass the message along, talk to people, share the petition……


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