Playlist - Uplifting Electro Fun

Ok, ok, ok…..
EVERYONE’S been asking me about this playlist! Here it is……..

(The opening track is an Earthrise Soundsystem remix of Sharon Gannon’s “Govinda Fly.” It features MC Yogi, and Nahdi Devi.)

itunes link:

1. Sharon Gannon – Govinda Fly [Earthrise SoundSystem Remix]
2. Fulgeance – Revenge of the Nerd
3. Brazilian Girls – Die Gedanken Sind Frei
4. Clubfeet – Edge of Extremes
5. Bibio – Dwrcan [Eskimo Remix]
6. Theivery Corporation – The Supreme Illusion
7. Dead Can Dance – Song of the Dispossesed
8. Talking Heads – Listening Wind
9. Little Dragon – Forever
10. Felix Laband – Step Two
11. Nightmares on Wax – You Wish

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