Jivamukti at Prague Spirit Festival

Beautifully organized by Jivamukti Teacher, Martina Prochazcova the festival features a spectrum of yoga styles and traditions from all over including many Czech and Slovak teachers. This year, Martina invited three JIvamukti Teachers, Dechen Thurman and Jessica Stickler from New York, and Petros Haffenrichter from Munich.

Dechen taught the opening ceremony, which took place in a beautiful open hall, with many curious passers by checking out all the fun we were having! Dechen taught an inspired and uplifting class, using Pete Seeger's "This Land Is Your Land" to teach students about vinyasa and sun salutations. It was brilliant and fun and enlivening! Check out the video clip here:

Friday's program included a workshop on the cosmic influences of the planets called "Graha Pada" by Dechen Thurman and an Arm Balancing workshop with Jessica Stickler. Here is a snip from Jessica's arm balancing workshop:

The day ended with a wild dancey yoga class with Jessica Stickler, featuring DJ SinPop. Everyone left giggling, sweating, and smiling from a full day of yoga!

Saturday's program included a wonderful class by Petros, in which he and a live drummer kept the rhythm going to practice true vinyasa, linking the breath with movement. Petros' musical knack came through in the class as much of the time he seemed to be chanting, rapping, singing the instructions. Here is a short clip of his class: